About Us

Who we are

Neo Evolutionary Logic Project (NEvLo Project) is a non-profit grassroots advocacy group run and led by activists, healers and educators. Our mission is to come together in collaboration in order to build sustainable communities for ourselves and for all generations to come.

Our team met building an Earthship school on one of the most remote islands on the planet – Easter Island. We traveled there to create the mark of a possibility for all future islanders and those around the world.

Through these experiences we discovered:

(1) A way to participate in helping to create community.

(2) The opportunity to receive education on how to build homes, schools, community centers, and whatever else we could fathom using recycled and sustainable materials.

(3) The need to share this knowledge with everyone we know and can connect to.

(4) The impact that collaboration can have and how much can be accomplished when people work together.

Why We Exist

In this day in age, we have become experts at producing “waste”. What is most important to acknowledge from here on out is to re-define our concept of waste as “Freely Available Resources”. We believe if we can teach people this FAR truth, we can empower them to make responsible decisions for themselves and our planet.

Right now, our Earth is being devastated and destroyed, yet our technology is more advanced than ever. It is time we use our advancements to adopt an awareness and responsibility that promotes life on this planet sustainably. With so much of our world turned digital, we see cultures around the world everyday suffering from our mass consumption. Too many are without the bare essentials for survival while we keep our stores of abundance locked up with a pricetag.

Whether it’s getting dressed with mass-produced clothing or eating a fast food meal, much of the global-culture’s programmed response is to consume and discard. In an attempt to become more self-aware, the question continued to come up:
How do we remain responsible to our planet while trying to subsist, survive and create?
Through our education with the Earthship Biotecture Academy, we were trained to look at trash not as waste but as a readily available resource.

We hope to analyze and determine the best course of action for our planet now and for generations yet to come. Through this purpose, we found that our best way to begin is by building a place that fosters the growth of community; and in a space that promotes balance, learning and equality for self-expression.

What We Believe

American Psychologist Abraham Maslow, a source of inspiration for our team’s work, asserts in his “Hierarchy of Needs” that every human’s desire is to attain self-actualization as the highest level of one’s potential; however, as reported by Karen Lincoln Michel, a member of the Siksika Nation (“Black Foot”), she claims her tribe is the source of Maslow’s research; wherein, self-actualization is not the top but the foundation of their tipi model.

If first we can provide the knowledge and resources to achieve this foundation, we will then be able to create a space to come together and connect as one community. We can then look to the future by actively fostering each generation that is born, teaching them of this model in order to create what the Siksika call “Cultural Perpetuity”.

It’s an understanding that you will be forgotten, but you have a part in ensuring that your people’s important teachings live on… It’s understanding one’s place in the world and acknowledging it. It’s realizing each day that I have been blessed with basic necessities and giving thanks for them. It’s doing my part to help my community and the greater good. Hopefully, these teachings practiced by my generation will inspire the next generation to take hold of them so they will endure.” ~Karen L. Michel