Our Mission

Today – our Earth is being devastated and destroyed, yet our technology is more advanced than ever.
It is time we use our advancements to adopt an awareness and responsibility that promotes life on this planet sustainably.

How do we remain responsible to our planet?

We hope to analyze and determine the best course of action for our planet now and for generations yet to come. Through this purpose, we found that our best way to begin is by building a place that fosters the growth of community based on collaborative work; and in a space that promotes balance, learning and equality for self-expression.

What are we up to?

Currently, we are working on a brand new website as well as a large grant proposal to generate our traveling social permaculture circus set to premiere in 2020; this will showcase our very own Labyrinth Artnasium 5.0 in its final boardgame form that will bring the work and play of self-expression, mindfulness, and a physical challenge course of obstacles and puzzles.



Self-proclaimed "Re-fusionist". I'm here to re-fuse the divide and bring us closer together through sharing, facilitating, educating, supporting, and making sure everyone eventuates towards a darn good fart, I mean laugh. Did you chuckle yet? Fake it, laugh, stay younger. 😉